Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Thoughts on Detox Cleanses

I was recently asked by a friend what my thoughts on detox cleanses are. Honestly, I think they are pointless. We have a liver, 2 kidneys, and a gastrointestinal tract to expel toxins from our body. If you are eating a well-balanced, clean diet and getting regular physical activity, you do not need to "reset" your body. There is little scientific evidence that supports the use of detox diets and many of the detox systems on the market are not regulated by the FDA.

People usually lose weight quickly on a detox diet because of a reduced caloric intake. These results typically do not last. Making long term healthy behavioral changes like drinking more water, limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption, eating whole foods, and exercising will produce similar effects to a short term detox without having to only drink cayenne flavored water.

My thoughts on cleanses is based off of information I learned in my college level nutrition, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and anatomy and physiology courses. For more information visit these credible sources WebMD, Women's Health, and Mayo Clinic.

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